Danita Glenn is a trial attorney with over 15 years of experience in litigation. As a partner in our firm, Danita has a passion for fighting for the rights of her clients.  Her ability to manage cases efficiently and her hard-nosed negotiating skills drive her success as a litigator.

Danita is committed to making a positive change in her clients’ lives and in the community as a whole. Danita understands how much people invest in their homes both emotionally and financially, and how devastating it can be if homeowners discover their homes are defective. Danita assists in holding developers and builders responsible for the construction defects they have caused and strives to prevent developers and builders from being repeat offenders and continuing to take advantage of other homeowners in our communities.

Danita has been a featured speaker at national legal conventions where she trains attorneys regarding trial strategy and how to present a case in a relatable manner to jurors. Danita served on the Board of Directors for the Northeast Tarrant County Bar Association for five years where she assisted in the selection and scheduling of continuing education speakers. Danita is also dedicated to mentoring younger attorneys within our firm.

Danita’s effort to impact her community does not stop at the end of the business day.  Danita serves as a volunteer at her church working with elementary school children to explain difficult concepts in terms children can relate to. When not at work, Danita enjoys traveling, playing games, and spending time with her family.