"Right from the start they worked with the HOA Board to make it as easy as possible for us to understand the process, the risks, and the communications with homeowners. The two-week arbitration was conducted with the utmost professionalism and preparation. We were proud to have such great attorneys. They continue to work with our community in the repair process and the updating of our covenants which is required. They are the best! And great people too! Based on the service, the outcome and the personal relationships, I would not recommend anyone else for a construction defect case."  – Marcella C.



"We had a few members who were less than enthusiastic about the lawsuit. They were able to get over that hurdle. I wish we would have started the lawsuit process earlier than we did." Michael P.


"They won the case, the monetary amount will enable our HOA to repair most of the construction deficiencies and will eliminate any need for special assessments." – Richard R. 



"They are experts in defect litigation, it's all they focus on. They tackled all the aspects of litigation from start to finish. They also pointed us to a very good architectural engineering firm for overseeing our reconstruction process." Brad D. 


"The Board was very satisfied with the settlement in that it allowed us to repair the problems and avoided a possible lengthy trial and appeal." Gene W. 



"The attorneys were effective communicators and kept us well informed. We always understood what was happening with our case and what our options were as our case developed.  In addition, the staff was sensitive and attentive to the needs of individual homeowners, especially during the inspections and testing of our homes." - Board of Directors 



"They were always available, courteous, and ready to answer any questions we had." Joan H.