Community Associations

Community Associations

We represent community associations with various construction defect problems.  Although there are certain builders who take pride in the homes that they build, some builders, in a rush to bring a product to the market at the lowest cost, cut corners or do not comply with building codes, plans, specifications, engineer’s requirements, or industry standards. When homeowners request the builder fix these problems, these same builders often present the homeowners with excuses, delays, and unfulfilled promises. Sometimes builders perform the corrective work, but the corrective work itself is substandard.

Why should your association hire our firm?

Our firm has represented hundreds of community associations.  Our attorneys and staff have significant experience with all aspects of the construction defect process – from compiling homeowner complaints, to involving skilled engineers and experts to investigate your community’s concerns and then design repairs, navigating the legal pitfalls created by builders and their attorneys, advising your association on the strengths and weaknesses of its claims, negotiating wisely, and if necessary, tenaciously advocating for your association at trial or arbitration.  

Construction defect litigation is complex, typically involving numerous parties and claims, technical investigations, complex insurance issues, hundreds of thousands of pages of documents, and specialized pre-litigation procedures and requirements dictated by the community’s governing documents (which are often written by the builder for their protection).  By limiting our practice to construction defect cases, we are able to provide the highest quality representation to our community and homeowners’ association clients. We utilize our experience with construction defect law, as well as our reputation with defense attorneys, insurance adjusters, builders, and experts to maximize our clients’ recoveries.

What happens after the case is resolved?

Our service to your community does not end when your case is resolved. We will work with your association to interview and hire contractors and design professionals, review and negotiate construction contracts, and assist your association with legal questions that may arise until the repairs are complete.

How does our firm communicate with homeowners?

We place a high priority on keeping your association and all homeowners informed of the status of your case. In addition to attending meetings and providing regular status updates, we have an online Case Portal that allows homeowners and community managers to have direct access to information about their case.  To obtain access information for your case, please email