Practice Areas

Practice Areas

For over fifteen years, we have represented thousands of property owners and community associations faced with construction defects.  Construction defects can be a catastrophic and frightening situation for a property owner or community association. 

We are that ally.  When a property owner or community association hires us to handle their construction defect claims, we fight to hold the builder responsible.  We secure expert engineers to investigate the issues and determine repairs, we negotiate with builders, developers, and subcontractors to seek a fair and reasonable settlement out of court, and if necessary, we persistently advocate on their behalf at trial or arbitration.  After resolution, we remain available as a resource for our clients as they hire contractors and perform repairs.

We represent homeowners and associations on a contingency fee basis, meaning  our clients do not pay hourly attorneys' fees out of their own pockets or out of the association's operating funds.    Additionally, in many cases, we are able to advance the litigation costs of pursing the claim - the cost of investigative testing, the cost of engineer's reports, court filing fees, court reporter fees, and other miscellaneous costs.  Our fee and the litigation costs are paid out of the recovery that we may obtain on our clients behalf from developers, builders, and subcontractors. 

Heidi Storz | Construction Defect Attorney