Dismantling the Defense of Finger Pointing

by Alex Nelson MinnesotaConstruction Case Law & Statutes

Dismantling the Defense of Finger Pointing: Real Estate Developers and Construction Contractors can be Held Jointly Liable for Construction Defects Under Minnesota Law

Did you know? Spray Foam Insulation Can Lead to Pipe Leaks and Degradation

by Alex Nelson ColoradoNewsMinnesotaNews

Did you know? Spray Foam Insulation is Often Chemically Incompatible With CPVC Piping, Leading to Pipe Leaks and Degradation. Spray foam insulation is an increasingly popular way to insulate homes and other buildings. Spray foam insulation is also often used to create air barriers or fill & seal odd-shaped cavities.

Help Plant Hope, Sponsor a Pinwheel

by Jessica Meeker Giving Back

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and outside our offices here at Benson, Kerrane, Storz & Nelson we have planted our very own Pinwheel Garden to show our support through the Ralston House.