Jeff Kerrane to participate in CLE on Advanced HOA Issues

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On September 30, 2016, Jeff Kerrane will join a distinguished panel of attorneys who will present on a variety of advanced HOA topics.

No Turning Back: Getting Ready for Your Community’s Statue of Repose to Expire

by Christopher Griffiths ColoradoConstruction Case Law & StatutesHomeowner Associations

The statute of repose is a Colorado law that prevents a homeowner or community association from filing a lawsuit for construction defects after a certain number of years have passed. Once the time has expired, the Association has no claims against a builder. When Does the Statute of Repose Begin to run and When does it Expire? What Should a Community Association Manager Do in the “Final Year of Repose”?

A Construction Lawyer’s Five Tips for Potential Purchasers Looking to Buy a New Home

by Duncan Griffiths ColoradoHomeowner Associations

Purchasing a home is often the largest investment any person will make in their life. Yet, the majority of Americans do more research when buying a car than they do when purchasing a home. Most potential purchasers enter into binding agreements to buy houses with very little understanding about the terms of the sales agreement, the property they are purchasing or the company they are doing business with. Below are five things that every potential purchaser should consider before signing a contract to buy a new home, condominium, or townhome.