I Have Construction Defects? How Did My Home Ever Pass Inspection?

by Jeff Kerrane KS NewsArticlesColorado

This article addresses the oft-asked questions regarding home inspection and construction defects, and more fully explains the building process to better understand the building inspector’s role in new construction.

The End of Declarant Control: Cleaning up the Confusion

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Transition of a community association’s board of directors from declarant control to homeowner control is a process that is done inconsistently and with spotty documentation.  This can sometimes lead to problems down the road if the association ever has legal issues with its declarant.  The following FAQ is intended to address some of the most misunderstood aspects of the end of the declarant control process.   

Impact Of 2017 MCIOA Modifications On Existing Common Interest Communities

by Alex Nelson ArticlesQuestions Answered

For existing communities, the impacts of the 2017 MCIOA revisions are limited but significant.  Associations will need to develop a written maintenance plan, schedule and budget consistent with the MCIOA and governing documents.  The statute leaves plenty of flexibility for associations of different sizes and needs to develop a plan that is appropriate for the characteristics of their communities.  Large, diverse associations may benefit from the assistance of outside vendors to help identify and assess each of the common and limited common elements and to determine the appropriate preventive maintenance schedule and budget.