SB24-106 Postponed Indefinitely—A Victory for HOAs and Affordable Housing Owners

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Colorado Senate Bill 106 was postponed indefinitely on May 3, 2024, marking a victory for homeowner rights and owners of affordable housing.  

The bill would have stripped Colorado homeowners of many of the limited rights they have in Colorado, thrusting expensive repair bills onto one of Colorado's more vulnerable populations--owners of affordable housing.    Colorado's  Sen. J. Coleman, Sen. R. Zenzinger and Rep. S. Bird were the prime sponsors of this misguided bill.   

"Most disturbingly, SB 106 would require that claims dealing with “life, health and safety” problems, those would have to be “imminent” – so in my case, the firewall wouldn’t be a problem unless there was an active fire spreading in the building. It would give builders the right to force unwanted repairs on homeowners – even band-aid fixes that would just cover up the real problem – and would prevent homeowners from pursuing a claim on the underlying defect after such a repair. In most cases, homeowners couldn’t join together, they would have to file claims individually, which is much more expensive and difficult."  --Bob Gaiser, Aurora Planning and Zoning Commissioner and member of Build our Homes Right

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