Jeff Kerrane & Alex Nelson Named Law Week Colorado’s 2015 Barrister’s Best

by Jessica Meeker KS NewsColoradoGet to Know BKSNAccolades

We want to congratulate Jeff and Alex on making the 2015 Law Week Colorado Barrister's Best List!

Jeff Kerrane won People's Choice: Best Construction-Defects Lawyer for Plaintiffs

"Not only is Jeff one of the biggest names in the area of construction defects litigation, he’s also the managing partner of one of the biggest firms in construction defects litigation. He has more than 20 years of experience in the practice area and has testified in the legislature on homeowners’ issues." - Law Week Colorado

Alex Nelson won People's Choice: Best Class Action / Mass Tort Lawyer for Plaintiffs

"Alex Nelson received Barrister’s Best recognition last year for his construction defects practice, and here he is at the top of a new category in 2015.  Is there anything he can’t do? Nelson’s experience includes trial, arbitration, and appellate work in construction defects, real estate, insurance and commercial disputes. So to answer our own question, no there isn’t." - Law Week Colorado