Arvada emerges from the recession to start the Homebuilding Boom

by Jessica Meeker ColoradoHousing and Mortgage IndustriesNews

May 14, 2014

Three planned communities lead the way in the Arvada surge in homebuilding. The city is on a hot streak in homebuilding. Construction crews recently began development on a trio of communities; 2,203-unit Candelas and 1,439-unit Leyden Rock are the largest of the trio.

The Denver Post article, “Homebuilding in Arvada Surges,” shares John Covert’s, director of the Colorado and New Mexico office of the housing market-research firm Metrostudy, view on how the overall state of the housing market has improved as the economy has emerged from deep recession, Arvada is showing more pep in that sector than most.

Arvada is on the fast track for growth within the community. With the boom in homebuilding and the future of the proposed high-speed Jefferson Parkway, Arvada has emerged from the recession. What does this mean for homeowners and the community? Arvada is a growing and ready to provide the needed housing inventory for new and future owners.

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