Kerrane Storz recovers $280,450 against D.R. Horton for Single-Family Homeowner’s Structural Defects

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June 16, 2014

In May 2014, Kerrane Storz (“KS”) received the final portion of an arbitration award against D.R. Horton, one of the nation’s largest homebuilders.  After payment of all fees and costs, the homeowners received $280,450, and now can begin making repairs to their home.  KS attorney Michael Lowder was recently interviewed about the case, and the interview was featured in an article published this week in Law Week Colorado.  Read the full article HERE.

KS’s clients, a couple who purchased their new Arvada home from D.R. Horton in 2007, started to notice cracks in their walls and problems operating doors and windows.  After D.R. Horton made a repair to their home and the repair failed, the homeowners began to ask D.R. Horton more questions.  Thereafter, D.R. Horton refused to fix the house, and instead, offered to make a cash payment to the homeowners in lieu of making the repairs.  The homeowners attempted to negotiate with D.R. Horton to resolve the dispute, but D.R. Horton’s cash offers did not come close to the amounts needed to repair their home.  After an unsuccessful mediation with D.R. Horton, the case proceeded to arbitration.  KS attorney Michael Lowder and partner Jeff Kerrane presented a three-day arbitration with opening statements, direct and cross-examinations, and closing arguments. 

After the arbitration was complete, the arbitrator awarded the homeowners more than twice the greatest settlement offer made by D.R. Horton.