BKSN is expanding its practice into Wisconsin, including the cities of Milwaukee and Madison!

by Karli Sharrow KS NewsPress Releases

Alex Nelson was just recently sworn in to the Wisconsin Bar! While maintaining our practices in Colorado, Minnesota, and Texas, we look forward to serving the Wisconsin legal market.

“We’re really excited to expand our practice across the border into Wisconsin. We can’t find another plaintiff’s law firm quite like ours in Milwaukee or Madison, that handles almost exclusively construction defect claims the way that we do. I think that our firm’s contingent fees and attorney-advanced litigation costs will be well received by homeowners and HOAs that need legal services but can’t afford to pay for them out-of-pocket, or that don’t want the risk of funding a lawsuit that has an uncertain outcome.  We’re really looking forward to getting involved in the Wisconsin legal community and advocating for Wisconsin property owners.”  - Alex Nelson, Partner