Condo Owners Face $7 Million Repair Bill

by Jessica Meeker ColoradoNews

June 16, 2014

7 News Denver covered a story on June 17th that revealed local condominium owners in Westminster are facing a $7 million repair bill they say they can’t afford.

In June 2013, city inspectors sent an ”Order to Correct” dozens of problems to the Prospector’s Point Condo Association. Hazards pointed out recently by an engineer hired by the HOA include sagging decks, crumbling sidewalks, and leaning walls that will cost $7 million to fix.

That’s about $15,000 for each homeowner, something no homeowner wants to hear. Resident Peggy Jones said, “It’s caused me to be a little sick to my stomach today, knowing that the fees that are required to make the improvements are pretty staggering.”

If the repairs aren’t made, property owners could lose their units