Kerrane Storz Gives Back to ‘Food for Thought’

by Karli Sharrow KS News


Kerrane Storz' passion is greater than just helping those affected by construction defects; we have a passion and a commitment to giving back to the local community.

In light of the current situation sweeping across the nation, Kerrane Storz chose to monetarily donate to the Food Bank of the Rockies. Food Bank of the Rockies makes food security a reality for every Colorado Family. The homeless represent only 10% of the Food Bank of the Rockies' food recipients. Almost half of the food they distribute goes toward children.

Kerrane Storz also participated in helping Food for Thought, who works closely with the Food Bank of the Rockies, to ensure children from the Denver Public School District have meals to sustain them during the weekend. With the school district closures and as many students rely on the school district for breakfast and lunch, this food was needed now more than ever. Volunteers from Food For Thought were vetted, asked to wear gloves, and maintain a safe distance for the entirety of the outreach event. 

The volunteers began working on Friday, 3/20/20, before the sun came up. Most showed up at 5:30 a.m. in 22-degree weather, snow coming down, to unpack boxes of non-perishable foods. And together they prepared over 3,500 bags of food to be delivered to 12 different locations around the Denver metropolis where families in need would be waiting.

Food Bank of the Rockies is working tirelessly to distribute food to people in need. as well as helping provide food with Food for Thought Denver. They are expecting to see an increase in need as many people in our community are experiencing layoffs, pay-cuts and fewer hours. Donations are vital for these non-profits to continue their good work in our community. You can donate to either organization from the safety of your own home by following the links provided below. If you're able to contribute, we encourage you to consider doing so as our community needs donors during this difficult time.